About Us

Eve’s Ribs” is an educational and artistic project; its goal is to tackle the problem of silencing down the topic of gender discrimination, in particular – the violence and discrimination towards women. We aim to provide certain skills and knowledge to women so that they could speak out about things really happening to them, and to induce the society to listen to them.

We hold free educational seminars, workshops and trainings on how to make such statements more clear, understandable and interesting: through documentary films, forum-theatre, documentary and outdoor theatre. We welcome those artistic groups, which take part in our educational programs, and also those, which have their own works dedicated to the topic of gender discrimination, to participate in the third stage of our project – festival. During the festival we will present the stage plays and films, discuss the performances and hold round tables tackling the problems, articulated in them.

The project is based on three stages:

First stage
Educational seminars, during which we pay special attention to the participants from remote regions. It is important for us, that the topic of gender inequality is analyzed and problematized (also by artistic means) in different regions of Finland and Russia and also in other countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. The topics of the seminar and workshops include the basics of documentary theatre, forum-theatre, video, documentary films, performance, human rights defence, international experience of human rights and feminist artistic initiatives.

Second stage
Remote work with artistic groups. The participating groups chose the best suitable format (stage play, video, performance) and continue working on it in their hometowns. Our trainers provide consultations online, answer questions and, if needed, visit the groups to hold more off-line workshops. In their turn, the artistic groups work on their films, hold performances/installations and involve more women, interested in working within this sphere, in creating scripts for the stage plays and films.

Third stage
Festival. During these stage whose groups, which didn’t take part in the first and second stages, can also join the project, if they have ready works, dedicated to the project’s topic, and want to present them. The participants, including the newly created artistic groups, come to St. Petersburg, where all the prepared works are being presented. As the organizers we provide full-scale informational coverage of the festival. During the festival people from different cities and countries will have the possibility to discuss the common and altering problems and the ways to tackle them. We also hope that during the project new artistic groups will be formed, which will be interested in active artistic and social cooperation on the problem of gender discrimination.